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What to Expect During a Meet and Greet

We’re excited to meet with all new clients to learn about your pet care needs. Mr. Mike’s Doghouse offers a free consultation meet and greet with each new service allowing us to get to know you, your pets and share with you how we’ll be caring for them.


If you’re choosing to board your dog in our home we’ll definitely want to meet them to ensure they’re a good fit. We appreciate properly socialized dogs as we have our own personal pets that they may interact with in our home.


Often, we’ll ask to meet with you and your dog at a neutral location so we can introduce one of our dogs to yours and observe how they interact on neutral territory such as a park. Depending on the situation we may also introduce them at our location’s fenced yard.

We ask a lot of questions!

During our initial introduction we’ll chat with you about your pet’s temperament, general health, vaccinations, their daily routine and special needs. We’ll learn about their exercise requirements, training knowledge, diet and personality quirks. It may seem like we ask a lot of questions but all of this is so we can provide the best care for your pet while you’re away so you can have peace of mind.

If you’re choosing our drop-in visit, dog walking or pet taxi services we’ll be glad to meet with you and your pet at your home to chat about much of the same things we’d be covering in a boarding situation. We’ll learn how you’d like us to provide care for your pet, where their equipment is located and how we’ll be accessing your location securely.

Count on us

Meet and greets typically last about 30 minutes and you’re welcome to ask us as many questions as you like. It’s our goal to become a partner with you in your pet’s care and build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect with you and your animal companion.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to book your FREE meet and greet. Email

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