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In-Home Boarding vs Kennel Boarding Which is Better?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

There are many pet care options these days, kennels and in-home boarding being some of the most popular choices but which is the best for your dog? Let’s look at how they differ:

Kennel Boarding

Most kennels still have cages but some higher end facilities offer entire rooms and fancy beds for their guests. But the fancier locations can come at a steep price, some topping out at $100 a night, comparable to what you might pay for your own hotel room. Classic kennels aren’t fancy and often feature small runs that dogs remain in for most of their time when not out for bathroom breaks.

The Pros and Cons of Kennels

Your pampered pup may have difficulty adjusting to life in the kennel. The setting can be very intimidating for many animals and reactive dogs typically don’t adjust well to the atmosphere. Often the sheer number of dogs in the kennel can be unsettling for dogs who are used to being the sole canine in the home. Due to the limited number of potty breaks offered at the kennel, perfectly house trained puppies may revert to pottying in the house, setting back hours of potty training progress.

Disease is also a major concern with kennels as sickness can spread quickly through a facility. Kennel cough, distemper and parasites are something that could affect your dog so you should try and safeguard against them if you are considering leaving your dog at a kennel. Staying in a kennel can also exasperate separation anxiety issues.

Boarding in a quality kennel can also be quite expensive with many charging for extras beyond their basic fee for “add-on” features such as special attention, outdoor time, private playtime and even cuddling. If your dog needs medication or hand feeding this can also add costs to their stay.

Some dogs can enjoy boarding in kennels which allow them more time for social free-range activities on a consistent schedule along with their own private time in an enclosure that helps them relax. The general security of kennels can also be good for dogs who are prone to escaping regular in-home situations.

In-home Boarding

In-home boarding is similar to dog sitting but your dog stays in the boarder’s home. In-home boarding is a great alternative to kenneling since they usually house less dogs allowing for more one-on-one interactions.

The Pros and Cons of In-home Boarding

Most dogs (but not all) enjoy in-home boarding over kennels. It’s a good choice for pups who love being around other pets or us humans. If your dog is reactive or aggressive with other dogs, in-home boarding may not be a viable option since being in close quarters can cause fights to occur if other dogs are present. In-home boarding takes place in someone else’s home and the environment change may stress some dogs.

Some in-home boarders may be caring for multiple dogs so it doesn’t necessarily mean your dog will have free run of the place. Because other dogs may be present, be sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date and they’ve had flea and tick treatment.

In-home boarding can be a good alternative to regular kennel boarding as the smaller ratio of dogs to humans means more personal attention for your pet. While there is no one size fits all approach for every dog, often in-home boarding with fewer dogs can be a great experience for younger dogs learning to properly socialize with others.

What’s Better, Kennels or In-home Boarding?

While some dogs are completely adaptive in any environment, ultimately you’ll need to consider your own pet’s special needs. Keep in mind your pet's attitude, social habits and medical requirements when choosing your pet care options. You should thoroughly evaluate any place where your pet will be staying to ensure you’re completely comfortable with the environment.

In-home Board Your Dog With Confidence

Mr. Mike’s Doghouse offers the kind of personal attention for your dog that is often difficult (or expensive) for a kennel to provide. You’ll have peace of mind that your pet will receive the special attention they deserve during their stay including one-on-one playtime, private walks, treats and plenty of cuddles ensuring your pet feels at home at all times. We're pet first-aid certified by St. John Ambulance and we’ll reinforce the training habits you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Our clients love the regular updates they receive that include photos during their stay,

We offer a free consultation meet & greet for every new client and we would love to meet you and your pet to chat about their needs. Contact us today to get started.


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